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About Us

From purchasing your first home to refinancing and advice on home improvement projects, Real Estate by Paula & Shay Mortgage will be by your side as your most valuable resource for all things involve with real estate and mortgage lending. We always go the extra step for our clients in the Ventura County, California area, making sure you have the right tools for success.

Led by real estate agent and mortgage broker Paula Swanson, we have a diverse background and knowledge in real estate, mortgages, and refinancing to help guide you through the process. She has her real estate license and has spent more than two decades helping others buy and sell homes. She has also managed several of her own properties and leased them to clients, as well as assisted with buying and selling commercial properties. Passionate about this industry, Paula has worked in both commercial and residential real estate since 1998, having been in mortgage lending before that. Being well-versed in lending, she knows the ins and the outs of purchasing and selling homes and commercial properties. If you have any questions about the process, Paula will make time for you so be sure to reach out.


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